The Jesus Story blends all four Gospel accounts into a single harmonious narrative while capturing the essence of each writer.

The Blended Gospel

The Jesus Story is a seamless narrative woven from the different perspectives of the four Gospel writers–Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The Gospels were placed one after another in the part of the Bible called The New Testament. The first three are referred to as the Synoptic Gospels because they describe events from a similar point of view, as contrasted with that of John. Each Gospel was written to a particular audience to portray a unique aspect of Jesus' life and teaching. When these four reports are combined into a complete flowing narrative, we have the chronological order of every known fact of Jesus' life. By omitting duplication, the four books fit together perfectly. The result is not a literary curiosity but a more convincing and readable story than any of the four Gospels alone.

This masterpiece, which took 23 years to complete, is true to the original Greek and yet easy to read. As for organization, the story is divided into seven chapters—Jesus's preparation, each of the four years of his ministry, his final week, and his death, resurrection, and ascension. Between these sections the story flows without the distraction of chapter and verse references, subject headings, footnotes, cross-references and commentary. You'll be able to read the story of Jesus as you would a novel.