The Bible Exchange

"...The first night I sat down with the Jesus Story, two hours flew by like ten minutes. I started at 10:00 pm and the next thing I knew it was midnight. The smoothness of how well the text flows and the beauty of the typography whisked me away for two hours of delightful reading. To be sure, the concept of a blended gospel is not a new idea. What makes the Jesus Story unique, is that the 4 gospels were blended in the original Greek by Johnston Cheney and Stanley Ellison (who were the original translators), and THEN translated to English. This painstaking labor of love took 23 years to complete. Outside of the Jesus Story, I am not aware of any other blended gospel that can make that claim. This is perhaps why the story moves so seamlessly and effortlessly. To top it all off, the Jesus Story has 20 specially selected illustrations by renowned artist Gustave Dorè."
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First Things

"The Jesus Story blends the gospel narratives into a single story, tastefully designed and illustrated with Gustave Doré’s famous prints. The table of contents and running headers orient the reader chronologically, from Christ’s birth through four years of ministry to his crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension. Smaller than the Reader’s Gospels, The Jesus Story makes for a compact, aesthetically pleasing introduction to the life of Christ. An optional solid walnut sleeve is available, too, making this a lovely gift edition."
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